Shaye's Hazel Tiny Home

  • 2 full bedrooms
  • 1 upstairs walkway
  • Full kitchen with outdoor/ indoor space for 6+ people to dine
  • Storage stairs
  • Downstairs living space
  • Flush or compost toilet option
  • Second trailer with outdoor office/guest room option

Tiny Topanga is a licensed builder in the United States to build designs in collaboration with Shaye’s Tiny Homes from New Zealand. The US version (8.5 ft wide) of this family home is complete with an outdoor bathtub, entertaining space, and a separate space for work or guests. Inside the home, both bedrooms can be accessed by an elevated walkway, and the kitchen and bathroom are complete with everything you need in a tiny house. This home is made with love and made to be filled with love.

This Shaye’s Hazel Tiny home has been created and built under a license from Shaye Creative Limited (a company incorporated in New Zealand).